Aug 1, 2016 - 09:01 am

Apple, Daimler, Ballard Power, Solvay.

Lane change at Apple? The company has signed Dan Dodge, former head of automotive software at Blackberry. While Apple has not abandoned plans to build an electric car, the focus of project Titan is said to have shifted to autonomous driving. The new strategy would make it easier to find a partner in the automotive industry or even to acquire one.

New Daimler factory: The manufacturer is building a second car factory in Hungarian Kecskemét, for which it will invest about 1m euros. The site is said to also be suitable for the production of electric and hybrid cars. Whether these will then also be build there has yet to be confirmed.

Ballard Power gets new investor: The Canadian fuel cell specialist has signed a strategic partnership agreement with electric motor manufacturer Broad-Ocean. The latter will acquire 9.9 percent of Ballard Power for 28.3m U.S. dollars.

Clean battery making: Solvay has announced the successful completion of the EU funded project Life + Glee that uses water instead of organic solvents during the production of Li-ion batteries. As part of the research project, Solvay has opened a pilot plant in Bollate, Italy, to develop an innovative cathode protection technology.


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