Aug 30, 2016 - 08:08 am

Opel Ampera-e, Nissan BladeGlider, batteries.

Video tip I: GM and Opel CEOs Dan Ammann and Karl-Thomas Neumann took the new Ampera-e for a quick spin. Naturally, – and not staged at all – they are excited about the amount of torque the new Opel has to offer.

Video tip II: Remember the all-electric Nissan BladeGlider? The three-seated sports car was spotted during the Olympics in Rio. Here is a closer look at the concept car – interviews, drawings and on the road images included. via

Reading tip: Richard Martin explains why battery performance has still not increased significantly. In a nutshell: innovative start-up often don’t have the cash to set up production, while established players are not as interested in a new chemical make up, as they are in improving Li-ion technology.


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