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Mitsubishi GT-PHEV in Paris: On top of the next-generation Outlander PHEV, the Japanese will also show its GT-PHEV SUV concept at the Salon de l’Automobile. The design and technology hint at the brand’s future off-road models. In this case, the combustion engine is supported by three electric motors; on in the front and two in the back.,,

More electric buses from BYD: The Chinese are investing heavily in their electric bus manufacturing plant in Lancaster, California. The number of employees, its size and capacity will all be tripled over the next three years, when the facility could churn out 1,000 electric buses per year.

Subsidies scandal in China grows: Following new investigations, some 72 companies are accused of receiving subsidies for electric and plug-in hybrid cars they never actually sold. Just a few days ago, 25 companies were in the crossfire (we reported). Meanwhile, investigations continue.

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EV batteries for the home: Nissan and the British battery management supplier Hyperdrive have signed an agreement. The carmaker will supply the latter with the latest battery cell technology, which Hyperdrive will integrate in its mobile and stationary energy storage devices.,

VW EV concept update: The manufacturer will show an electric concept build on the MEB platform in Paris. The EV is said to become available in 2020 and will have a range of 400 km, while future premium models could go 600 km on one charge. And they have already decided on an advertising pitch: “Think new.”

Prius Plug-in premiers in Europe: Toyota will officially introduce its Prius PHEV to the European market at the Paris Auto Show. The Japanese will also display the hybrid C-HR and fuel cell concept FCV Plus. The latter could be used as an environmentally friendly generator and thus shows another aspect of how fuel cell mobility can aide society.,


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