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Nissan, Daimler, Daedong, Schwalbe, Peugeot.

Range extended Nissan EV: Japan may soon see an electrified Nissan Note for real, as rumours become more dense. A Japanese blog published a brochure plus pictures showing the Nissan Note e-Power. The model may hit the domestic market already this November. via,

Mobility of tomorrow teased: Daimler delivers a first impression of its Tesla-fighter, which will debut in just a few days in Paris. The clip is evasive to say the best but the shape speaks for a crossover model. It will be the first electric car utilising Mercedes’ new platform.
Electric truck development: A Korean consortium led by Daedong is to develop an electric 1t truck with a range of 250 km. Renault Samsung and LG take part in the project, which is funded with 24.7bn won (22.5m dollars) until 2019. A prototype can be expected next year.

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Schwalbe revival: A longstanding asset of the former GDR is back but this time is electric. Govecs presents the e-Schwalbe, an electric scooter with a range of 100 km at a top speed of 47 kph. The electric drive is provided by Bosch while the e-Schwalbe is assembled in Poland. Pre-orders opened online with first deliveries expected by summer 2017. Prices start at around 5,000 euros. (in German)

Third Peugeot EV: By latest 2019, the French carmaker will launch an electrified model to join the ranks of the iOn and Partner Electric. PSA did not say which car is up for electrification.


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