Nov 21, 2016 - 08:50 am

Toyota, fuel cell, Siemens, hydrogen.

Toyota extends development in China: The carmaker will invest in its research facility in China, setting up i.e. a new lab and battery test field before the end of 2018, as well as extending its testing track. Moreover, Toyota will introduce a PHEV version of the Corolla Levin and is gearing up for the market introduction of its fuel cell car.

Toyota tests Fuel Cell Trucks: For a feasibility study, the manufacturer will fit large trucks with fuel cell technology from its Mirai. Details about the undertaking are still rare, with more to follow next month. But preparations seem to already be underway.,,

Siemens to test overhead charging: Siemens wants to test the use of hybrid trucks for long-haul transports that are charged via an overhead wire. Tests on public roads will begin 2019, one manager revealed. The needed infrastructure will be set up by the end of 2018 and will be funded by the German government in form of a tender. (in German)

Putting money in H2 technology: The U.S. Department of Energy has earmarked another 30m dollars to fund fuel cell and hydrogen technology. The focus will be on platin-free catalysts and electrodes to be used in PEM fuel cells for the automotive sector, new means of splitting water and new H2-storage technologies.


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