May 8, 2017 - 08:21 am

Tesla, BorgWarner, Efficient Drivetrains, Saft.

Tesla chases after last percentage points: Long-term data of Tesla owners has shown that even after 320,000 km battery capacity is still at 90 percent. Yet, the company seeking to further improve battery performance, signed battery researcher Jeff Dahn, who just presented his newest findings: By improving the chemistry of NMC Li-ion, the cells shall be able to keep 95 percent of their original capacity after no less than 1,200 charging cycles (about 480,000km).

BorgWarner-HV-HeaterBorgWarner’s high-voltage heater: The American supplier presents a PTC cabin heater for EV and HEV, which is independent of waste heat. Controlled via CAN interface, it warms up the air stream coming from the blower. It also provides dual-zone functionality to regulate the temperature for driver and passenger individually.

Major order for Efficient Drivetrains: Four Chinese OEMs have decided to equip their buses with the American supplier’s PHEV drive EDI PowerDrive 6000. Efficient Drivetrains calculates with “several hundred” drives supplied to Shaanxi Automotive, Ankai, Xiamen Jinlong and Yaxing Motors until the third quarter of the year.

New concept for solid-state battery: A research team of the French battery company Saft and the University Paris Est have found a new approach to generate next-gen batteries. Their solution bases on a nanocomposite metal hydride as the anode in a complete solid-state battery with a sulfur cathode and Lithium borohydride electrolyte.,


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