Tesla, Purdue University, Boreas Project, Jungheinrich.

Tesla-GigafactoryGigafactories worldwide: In the long term, Tesla could operate between 10 and 20 Gigafactories all over the world, CEO Elon Musk suggested at the Annual Shareholder Meeting. Besides the Gigafactory 1 in Nevada und the solar facility in Buffalo called Gigafactory 2, Tesla is looking for three more sites at the moment and wants to come to a decision before the year’s end. Musk also mentioned that the Fremont facility would soon reach its capacity limit and so the Model Y will need an extra site, too.

Charge as you fuel? Researchers from Purdue University say they found an “instantly rechargeable” battery. If battery’s core technology is a membraneless battery, which can be charged with fluid electrolytes in the same time it takes to refill an ICE. It is pretty much the same approach that NanoFlowCell promotes, so we remain sceptical for the time being.
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Spanish hybrid hyper car: The Boreas Project has the next plug-in hybrid with more than 1,000 hp. It is going to be at Le Mans this June, before moving on to Goodwood in Great Britain. No more than twelve cars will be made.
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Jungheinrich extends warranty: The German manufacturer provides a free 5-year warranty on its Li-ion batteries. If capacity falls below 65% of its nominal capacity in this period, Jungheinrich will replce or repair the pack for free.


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