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Kreisel-Electric-SprinterElectric Sprinter from Düsseldorf: Mercedes wants to remodel its Düsseldorf plant into a competence center for the Sprinter ED and it will roll off the lines together with the conventional van, thus benefitting from economies of scale. The electrification effort of the commercial range that also includes the Vito is to cost 150m euros over the next few years. Reportedly, Hermes is the first client to employ the electric Sprinter and awaits delivery of 1,500 electric vans for its own operations before the end of 2020.
greencarcongress.com, daimler.com

Renault-Nissan means business in China: After yesterday’s mini-buses from Renault, Nissan liberates some details on its compact electric car planned at a price point suitable for the People’s Republic. 1.5m yen, that is, about 11,500 euros and half the price of the Leaf and the EV could hit the shelves already next year, Nikkei reports. Based on a platform locally shared with Renault and Mitsubishi, the former may have local manufacturer Dongfeng build an electric Kwid on it from 2019 too.

In Europe Renault bets on performance rather than price as its Sport branch may make the Zoe e-Sport Concept a production reality before 2020. At least that is what Renault-Sport-Chef Patrice Ratti told Autocar. He said studies on a Zoe RS had begun now that battery performance improved.

Secret hybrid Ferrari: Italy’s luxury poster boy is working on a SUV crossover codenamed F16X, according to Car Magazine, which believes there might be a hybrid version too. Market entry is allegedly set for 2021 at a price point of 300,000 euros.

Affordable EV coming to UK: Made in Aachen by the same institutions that conceived the initial StreetScooter, the e.Go Life is an urban EV fit for purpose and headed for the Isles. It could arrive by 2018 and cost just 14,000 pounds. Its 80 mile range has city dwellers in mind and ZF is on board too.
autocar.co.uk, electrive.net (our test report, in German)

Watchmaker wants EV start-up: Hong Kong-based watchmaker O Luxe has acquired Green Lord Motors (GLM), known for the Tommykaira ZZ EV and a spin-off from Kyoto University. O Luxe holds 85.5% worth 114m dollars and hopes to buy the rest as well to take full control of “Japan’s Tesla.”


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