Nov 20, 2017 - 05:37 pm

French cargo specialist Geodis expands its electric fleet

Geodis, the street cargo unit of French railway company SNCF, is going to expand its electric vehicle fleet from currently a dozen to 50 cars by June 2018. With this step, Geodis responds to plans published by the Paris city council to ban diesel-powered vehicles by 2020.

Since September, Geodis builds up a delivery system to reach Paris’ 20 arrondisements through the installation of five distribution centres. On the last mile, the company wants to switch to electric vehicles only. Currently, a dozen 3.5 t EVs are deployed in this field. Their number shall gradually grow up to 30 by January and finally 50 by mid-2018. The cars will be Electron A models supplied by Gruau Electric. (in German), (in French)


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