Innovative underwater vehicle with fuel cell propulsion

Engineers of Thyssenkrupp, Atlas Elektronik, EvoLogics, the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Rostock are starting to develop a „Large Modifiable Underwater Mothership (MUM)“ to explore the deep sea. Its propulsion is going to be based on a fuel cell system.

MUMs are a new class of underwater vehicles. Their modular structure and emission-free fuel cell propulsion system shall enable various areas of application and a large range. The project is approved by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and can count on financial support over the next three years.

By 2020, the researchers intend to present a 1:5 scale model of the underwater vehicle, five years later, the MUMs market launch could follow. According to Marc Schiemann, project manager of Thyssenkrupp, the partners seek to create a vehicle that is able to reach depths of up to 5,000 metres and can stay under water for several weeks.,


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