Skoda’s first EV to roll off the lines in the Czech Republic

Skoda seeks to launch five all-electric models until 2025. Now the brand has decided, where it will establish the production: The first model of the all-electric quintet will be built in the Czech plant Mladá Boleslav.

At the Shanghai Motor Show, Skoda presented its Vision E and thus an outlook of the brand’s future focus. Now, VW’s Czech subsidiary officially stated that it will kick off production of its first pure electric model in 2020. Place of its “birth” will be the factory in Mladá Boleslav that is also going to supply electric components for PHEV models of different VW brands by 2019. Skoda’s first electrified model, the Superb with plug-in hybrid, will be built in the Czech Republic, too – although not in Mladá Boleslav but in Kvasiny.

Meanwhile VW confirmed earlier reports, according to which the German city of Zwickau will become Volkswagen’s first pure electric mobility plant. This step is related to the debut of VW’s first European serial production on base of the group’s MEB platform. By 2020, Volkswagen intends to launch the I.D. – the first representative of its new EV generation.


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