Partners of 12 countries kick off EU project ASSURED


The EU has launched a new project to look into fast-charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets over the next four years. Coordinated by the Free University of Brussels, ASSURED is to develop conductive charging solutions for up to 600 kW and wireless devices for 100 kW.

A consortium of 39 partners from 12 EU countries has joined the project – among them public transportation companies, OEMs, energy providers and more. Of the overall budget of 23.6m euros, 18.65 million will be provided by the EU.

Also electric buses are part of the initiative and led by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). The consortium seeks to accumulate trial data and test among others the compatibility of buses and chargers made by different brands. Participating cities are Turin, Lyon, Gothenburg, Jaworzno, Helmond, Bayonne and Castejón. Additional case studies are to follow in Osnabrück, Barcelona and Eindhoven later on.


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