Pricing for Tesla’s truck Semi to start at 150,000 dollars

It seems like 150.000 U.S. dollars is the base price of Tesla’s electric truck Semi. That’s at least what the Californian company itself calls the “expected price” for the truck’s 480 km range version. In fact, that’s much less than widely assumed.

The “expected price” for the model with 800 km range is 180,000 dollars. Reservation holders have to calculate with a deposit of 20,000 dollars, those interested in the Founders Series are requested to put the full price of 200,000 dollars on the table. Production kick-off for the Semi is scheduled for 2019.

Meanwhile, the presentation of Tesla’s truck has already convinced first companies: U.S. supermarket chain Walmart said it reserved 15 models, Canadian retailer Loblaws even 25 units. As reported, the truck features four electric motors, the same as in the Model 3, that operate independently and shall accelerate from 0 – 100 kph in under 5 seconds when the truck is empty. Under load, acceleration decreases to 20 seconds, still quicker than any diesel-powered lorry. Driving speed is capped at 104 kph.,


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