BMW races to secure cobalt supply


BMW is looking for cobalt suppliers as well, just after VW rendered its tender. The Bavarians are talking to various players concerned with materials required to build electric car batteries.

Amid fears of supplies of cobalt running short and prices skyrocketing, BMW has turned to suppliers to negotiate. A similar move has been made by Volkswagen earlier this week after an initial bid for fixed prices had found no takers.

Over in Bavaria at a media briefing, BMW board member Oliver Zispe regarded sourcing of cobalt and other materials “the most important” question BMW has to address before it decides whether to produce its own battery cells. He declined to add any detail on the progress of the talks.

At present BMW only assembles batteries and has just broken ground for a new competence centre for cell technology. So far the centre aims to deliver production blue prints to external manufacturers (we reported).


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