Kick-off: Ballard’s FC systems get assembled in China

After Canadian Ballard Power Systems closed a deal with Chinese company Broad-Ocean Motor to produce and sell 30 and 85kW fuel cell systems in three strategic regions in China in February, the first assembly plant has now been put into operation in Shanghai.

Over there, Broad-Ocean subsidiary Shanghai Edrive is responsible for assembling Ballard’s FCveloCity modules. The plant is said to have a capacity of 1000 units per year. In future, Ballard’s FC components shall also be assembled in the Chinese Hubei and Shandong provinces. The previously closed deal with Broad-Ocean is valid for a 5-year period and shall be worth 25m dollars in revenue to Ballard.

Earlier this year, Ballard presented the world’s first Non Precious Metal Catalyst (NPMC) to use in a lightweight PEM fuel cell stack. Moreover, the company inaugurated a facility for fuel cell stacks in Yunfu together with its JV partner Synergy.,


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