Reservation of Tesla’s Semi now open to everybody

The Californian EV maker has installed an official reservation option on its website, paving the way for everybody to reserve one of the company’s electric trucks. PepsiCo directly orders 100 Tesla Semi trucks in the largest preorder to date.

However, a down payment of 20,000 dollars has to be made (and even 200,000 for the “Founder Series”).

Meanwhile a reservation confirmation with the number EO000001230 has been posted on Instagram, suggesting that the Semi has been reserved at least 1,230 times – given that the reservation numbers are issued continuously.

As reported, the truck shall come with a range of up to 800 kilometres, autonomous driving tech and a Megacharger. Four electric motors, the same as in the Model 3, operate independently and shall accelerate from 0 – 100 kph in under 5 seconds when the truck is empty. Under load, acceleration decreases to 20 seconds. Driving speed is capped at 104 kph.

Just recently, U.S. brewery Anheuser-Busch ordered not less than 40 Semi vehicles, food company Sysco even 50 units. Also U.S. supermarket chain Walmart (15), Canadian Loblaws (25) and German DHL Supply Chain (10) made their reservations public. PepsiCo now swooped in with the new top order: The soda and snack giant has reserved 100 Semi trucks in a bid to reduce fleet emissions and cut down on fuel costs.


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