French government cancels subsidies for PHEVs

With the beginning of 2018, several modifications within the government’s electric mobility programme are coming into effect. While electric-powered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles further benefit from a 6000-euro purchase rabat, PHEVs are no longer included in this list.

The exclusion of hybrid-powered cars from the subsidy list is due to their emission figures. Thus, the government rewards cars with emissions of up to 20g CO2/km, but discontinues subsidising vehicles with emissions of 21 to 60g CO2/km. Most PHEVs are belonging to the latter category.

However, those who replace their old combustion-powered cars through a new EV get a scrapping bonus of 2,500 euros. Moreover, the state supports the purchase of pedelecs and light electric vehicles.

As reported, France’s capital Paris has launched an own EV programme: Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced additional grants for the procurement of electric buses (9,000 euros) and EVs used by driving schools or SMEs (6,000 euros). (in French)


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