Hyundai is cooking a supercar – possibly hybrid


Hyundai wants to build a high performance sports car that will be electrified strongly, if not fully. Speaking at the CES in Vegas, executives placed the new model under the luxury label Genesis, which is to become increasingly electric from 2019.

Starting next year, Hyundai wants to electrify the Genesis offering successively with a first plug-in hybrid due that very same year (we reported). Their plans solidified at the CES in Vegas this week, where Wheelsmag managed to grill executives.

Hyundai design vice-president Luc Donckerwolke, and vice-chairman of research and development, Woong-chul Yang, both confirmed that a super car is in the making. In terms of technology it appears certain that the system will include electric motors and a small petrol engine, making it a hybrid if not a range extended EV.

Development will likely lie with Hyundai’s performance N division headed by Albert Biermann, formerly BMW M. He may find a like-minded spirit in former Bugatti designer, Alexander Selipanov, who followed Hyundai’s poaching effort just recently to fill a lead design role at Genesis.

Still it may be years before we will see a concrete model as so far, all is at the design and concept stage at Genesis.


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