Jan 10, 2018 - 10:56 am

Tesla Model 3s to rent for rather outrageous prices

The EV maker may have conceived the Model 3 as its first economy EV but it is still so rare, some early buyers try to milk their advantage. Offers to rent the small Tesla for a day bear premium prices.

Deliveries of the Model 3 had first been delayed, then slow. Only recently, Fremont announced to start serving reservation holders that are not employed by Tesla and those outside California (we reported).

But despite the production lines getting off to speed to churn out 5,000 EVs a week, the Model 3 remains a rarity with Tesla not even offering test rides yet. Reportedly, no more than 2,425 Model 3 were made in Q4/2017 and still Tesla needs to manage the half a million electric cars that have been ordered already.

Existing Model 3 owners have thus turned to a website where drivers can rent out their cars for a day. Rates however have climbed to outrageous heights, starting from a (still silly) 169 dollars to go up to 990 dollars a day in the Bay Area, California. Nevermind that you can get a Model S or X for 100 or 200 dollars a day.

Once the market cools off though, prices will too but for now it appears that scarcity rules. Those in waiting and unwilling to be ripped of for nothing but a taste, there are videos of first drives available for free you may want to turn to.


Found on electrive.com
10.01.2018 10:46