Workhorse W-15 now available to everyone


American Workhorse has opened the order books so that anyone that fancies an electric pick-up truck may reserve. Each name entered calls for a 1,000 dollar deposit and Workhorse hopes to start deliveries by late 2018.

If all goes to plan, the small start-up from Indiana is all set to beat Tesla to market. While the Model Y is nothing but a few tweets to date, the W-15 has been presented in the real world and can now be reserved for a substantial deposit of 1,000 dollars.

The company claims to have received over 5,300 orders to date. When we tried the order system, it would allow us to put in any country and address so it appears that Workhorse is aiming for the world, virtually at least.

First launched last May, the W-15 is designed to run electrically mostly but bears a range extender. The Panasonic 60 kWh battery pack delivers enough power to operate in electric mode for up to 130 kilometres after which the REx kicks in.

It is a concession to the mostly commercial clients Workhorse tries to attract with its pick-up that strictly speaking is a PHEV, . Customers are promised a combined range of 500 kilometres and the option to run work tools through the battery as well at 7.2 kW.

Workhorse set pricing at 52,500 dollars. Include subventions, particularly in the States and the W-15 becomes available from 40,000 dollars.


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