Jan 11, 2018 - 03:07 pm

Panasonic presents own platform for mini EVs


At CES, Panasonic is currently putting a scalable platform for small electric vehicles on display. It shall help to make the production of electric bikes and so-called micro EVs more efficient.

The architecture features an electric powertrain with a power as well as a motor unit and has been designed to reduce both, costs and lead time, for the development of small electric vehicles. Panasonic states that the combination of its power unit including an on-board charger, junction box, inverter and DC-to-DC converter and the above mentioned motor unit is adaptable to vehicles differing in size, speed and torque.

Panasonic offers already a broad range of components for BEVs, PHEVs and HEVs such as batteries, on-board chargers, film capacitors, DC-to-DC converters and relays.


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Found on electrive.com
11.01.2018 15:25