Jan 15, 2018 - 01:47 pm

Electric container vessels connect Rotterdam and Tilburg


Two electric-powered container ships will start to commute between Rotterdam, Netherlands and Tilburg, Belgium from this autumn on. Both cargo vessels are owned by the recently established company Port-Liner and are going to be hired by logistics company GVT.

Each of the container ships can carry up to 270 containers and will be supposed to bring them via inland waterways from the Port of Rotterdam to Vossenberg-West in Tilburg. The vessel’s dimensions are 110m x 11.4m. The battery pack’s capacity enables an operation period of roughly 34 hours, it is stored in a container and can either be swapped or charged at a terminal.

Within the next years, Port-Liner intends to build a total of 15 electric-powered cargo ships of different sizes, meant to join ship fleets in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company’s project is supported by the European Union.


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  1. Two electric-fueled compartment boats will begin to drive between Rotterdam, Netherlands and Tilburg, Belgium from this pre-winter on. Both payload vessels are possessed by the as of late settled organization Port-Liner and will be contracted by coordinations organization GVT.

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