BorgWarner presents electric drive for Fuso eCanter


Supplier BorgWarner presents its electric drive system used in the all-electric Fuso eCanter truck in-depth. Customers in Europe had just recently received Daimler’s first electric truck but BorgWard envisions a range of applications.

Daimler claims the Fuso eCanter to be the world’s first serially produced electric truck and so far, five customers in Europe have taken delivery of a total of twelve units (we reported). More such electric trucks had been sent to New York already back in September 2017 and Daimler plans to produce an initial 500 pieces before scaling up in earnest by latest 2020.

Inside the eCanter is BorgWarner’s eGearDrive. The electric motor HVH250 uses precision-formed rectangular wires and multiple layers of interlocking “hairpins”. This patented high voltage hairpin (HVH) technology enables the motor to produce up to 425 Nm of torque and 300 kW of power at 700 volts.

Through its compact design, Borgward claims efficiency of over 95 percent and better continuous power compared with similar models. The range of the Fuso eCanter ultimately increases, also because of the eGearDrive compact, low-weight design and efficient gear train that achieves high-torque capacity yet uses less battery energy.

A wide range of gear reduction ratios makes the transmission applicable to various motor sizes. An electronically actuated park lock system is available as an option and approximately 99 percent of the materials used in the eGearDrive transmission are recyclable.,


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