All Infiniti models to be electric by 2021

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Nissan wants to electrify the line-up of its premium brand Infiniti by 2021. All new models will be either all-electric or bear Nissan’s e-Power-Technologie, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa told the industry in Detroit.

The push for electrification includes all Infiniti models launched from 2021 and these new cars will be either electric or so-called “e-Power” hybrids, Saikawa announced at Motown’s Automotive News World Congress.

Nissan’s e-Power technology adds a small combustion engine to the system that charges the battery but there is no plug. The hybrid system got first introduced in the Note in Japan.

Plans to electrify Nissan’s upscale brand are not new. A dedicated EV had been announced last autumn and may be launched with a whole new architecture. Already back in 2012, Nissan unveiled the all-electric Infiniti LE concept but scrapped the plan, leaving the market to Tesla introducing the Model S that same year.

For Infiniti, Nissan aims for 50 percent of sales to be hybrid or EV by 2025.,


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