Volvo Trucks plans to launch electric truck in 2019


The company says that it wants to kick off sales of its upcoming electric-powered utility vehicle next year in Europe. Initially, the model shall be deployed in the good transport industry in metropolitan areas. A selection of clients will put first units into operation before the year’s end.

The truck maker thus confirms first reports from November, suggesting that it considers adding electric-powered trucks to its portfolio. Volvo is experienced in producing electric buses already, thus building electric trucks is the next logic step. The battery technology could be provided by South Korea’s tech giant Samsung. Claes Nilsson, head of Volvo Trucks, confirmed in The Korea Herald that his company talked with Samsung about the development of such electric truck batteries. Both companies partner also in the electric bus sector. Further details about the extent of a potential future partnership in the truck field have not yet been given.

Nilsson says that Volvo Trucks meets several challenges simultaneously by launching electric trucks: “Without disturbing noise and exhaust gases, it will be possible to operate in more sensitive city centres. Transport may also take place throughout less busy periods, for example in late evening and at night. This will reduce the burden on the roads during daytime rush-hour traffic, allowing both the road network and vehicles to be utilised far more effectively than today.” Just recently, Stockholm and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology set up a project called Off Peak City Distribution to test good transport at night in the capital’s city centre. One of the results was that goods were carried out in just one-third of the usual time.

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