Daimler to restructure its EV battery development unit


The carmaker is currently discussing to ‘insource’ this unit, according to the Stuttgarter Zeitung. Wolfgang Nieke, Chairman of the company’s works council, makes clear that he wants development specialists of Daimler’s subsidiary Accumotive to move to the headquarters in Untertürkheim.

So far, Daimler’s future technology experts are working in Nabern, a small city 40 kilometres from Untertürkheim. According to Nieke, discussions are currently taking place, whether it makes sense to integrate the unit in the Daimler AG. In the long term, up to 400 employees could work in this field. A decision is likely to be taken at the beginning of next week.

In case of approval, the work council would reach another strengthening of the Daimler’s main site. Already last summer, Daimler’s management and the council struggled intensely about Untertürkheim becoming home to Mercedes’ fourth battery production as well as a hotspot for electric drives and components with more than 250 jobs to be generated. Apart from batteries, the related agreement included assemblage of powertrain modules for EVs of the EQ brand and the creation of a “project house eATS” in order to gain additional know-how for the next-gen electric drive systems. (in German)


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