Jan 26, 2018 - 12:06 pm

Solaris works on bi-articulated 24m trolleybus


The Polish manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach has announced to build a bi-articulated trolleybus called Trollino 24 and to kick off a trial period by mid-2018 in several European cities.

The vehicle features two motors feeding two drive axles. The 58 kWh battery pack gets charged via a bipolar pantograph that connects to overhead lines during the drive. Through an energy storage system, the bus is able to make tracks that are without overhead lines. The Trollino 24 model shall also serve as a platform for the development of new additions.

Solaris builds trolleybuses since 2001 and sold almost 1,200 of such vehicles to clients in 16 countries until today. Just recently, Lithuania’s capital ordered 41 trolley buses type Trollino 12 due to arrive before the year’s end.
intelligenttransport.com, solarisbus.com


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