Jan 28, 2018 - 06:32 pm

LVCHI from China designs its EVs in Italy


Chinese LVCHI wants to make its entry at this year’s salon in Geneva, where the new company is to debut both its brand and an early stage concept. The EV goes under the name Venere and the Italian take is a nod to its designers.

In order to launch what is to grow into a whole family of electric cars, the new Chinese firm LVCHI has turned to I.D.E.A. short for Institute of Development in Automotive Engineering in Turin.

In Geneva, the Venere will still be closer to a prototype than a working concept but the idea is to kick-off production by 2019. Not in China though but Turin itself. This fact, as well as the vague information that whispers of a supercar, point to a rather small production run.

LVCHI has not specified any market yet but expect its other electric models to target a larger market. Based in Shanghai, the company is fully funded and employs 400 people mostly working in research and development.



Found on electrive.com
28.01.2018 18:15