Bratislava receives first electric buses from SOR


The first four of 18 electric buses are now running in Bratislava. Slovakia’s capital had turned to Czech SOR Libchavy for their first such order.

Operator DP Bratislava (DPB) has received the first four electric buses and expects another 14 until June this year. The new arrivals have already gone into service in Slovakia’s capital where they shall replace diesel buses.

Built by Czech SOR, the two 12 metre NS 12 buses and two smaller EBN 8 vehicles that have arrived, still charge via pantographs in Bratislava. That is until the planned opportunity charging stations will be completed. Infrastructure had been part of the initial order that was backed with EU funding.

Each electric bus cost 589,000 euros. Only the 8 metre buses come in at 488,000 each.



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