Nissan is expanding its CHAdeMO charging network


Nissans’ CHAdeMO super-fast charging network established across Europe is already due for expansion: In the upcoming 18 months, it is scheduled to grow another 20 percent.

After the announcement in October last year, Nissan has been working hard on facilitating partnerships and leveraging technology to further establish its foothold in European electric mobility markets. The expansion will entail partnerships in eleven different projects all over the continent.

The existing 2,100 DBT charging stations will not be upgraded to the rumoured 150kW charging capacity, states Brice Fabry, the director of Zero Emission Strategy and Infrastructure for Nissan Europe. Instead the network is slated to expand by a variety of charging stations across 17 nations and a variety of projects.

Projects Fast charging stations Region and distribution
FAST-E 265 Germany: 199
Belgium: 37
Czech Republic: 15
Slovakia: 14
GREAT 70 Sweden: 50
Denmark: 20
UNIT-E 29 Belgium: 23
UK: 6
EVA+ 200 Italy: 180
Austria: 20
EAST-E 57 Croatia: 27
Czech Republic: 15
Slovakia: 15
URBAN-E 23 Slovenia: 9
Croatia: 9
Slovakia: 5
NEXT-E 222 Hungary: 54
Croatia: 51
Romania: 40
Czech Republic: 32
Slovenia: 27
Slovakia: 18
NCE Advanced EV Net 60 Poland: 60
FLEX-E 28 HPC (up to 150 kW CHAdeMO) Italy: 16
Spain: 8
France: 4
High Speed Electric Mobility 316 Germany: 150
France: 70
Sweden: 40
UK: 20
Italy: 20
Denmark: 16

As the newest generation of the Nissan Leaf was recently released as well as the electric truck e-NV200, it comes as no surprise that Nissan is attempting to leverage its position on the European market, as well as further support the CHAdeMO charging system across the continent. The news also shows that rumours of a larger-battery Leaf being revealed soon are likely false, considering the network would not be sufficiently capable of handling them. (In German)


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