Siemens may start producing batteries in Goerlitz


As the turbine factory in Goerlitz, Germany, is winding down, Siemens has had to face much criticism. The prospective loss of jobs and unavoidable layoffs have been difficult for both political relations as well as the concerned employees. A new battery factory in Oberlausitz may offer relief. 

However, reports indicate Siemens CEO Jae Kaeser has commented he is planning to meet the challenge head on, and to save and consolidate the production area with the industry concept Oberlausitz. The concept will be designed to meet the ongoing challenge of saving 3,500 jobs, as well as the closure of factories in Görlitz, Erfurt, Leipzig and Offenbach.

As the coal mining facilities are closing and winding down, a new economic concept will be needed to keep the region at work, as many jobs are dependent on the industry present in the areas. A step towards renewable energy production will prove to be more long-lived and will provide the region with new significance. The move is planned to take place in the next 2-5 years. This would include large scale infrastructural changes as well as the construction of a new industry park.

Whether they will receive subsidies for the plans is not yet clear, however the existing expertise and partnerships maintained by Siemens is certainly sufficient to transform the region. It would also heavily expand Germany’s industrial capabilities regarding environmentally friendly technologies and breathe new life into the region. (in German)


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