Feb 2, 2018 - 03:26 pm

Toyota has already reached its EV sales targets for 2020


In 2017 Toyota sold more than a total of 1.5 million electric vehicles. This means they have reached their 2020 target a whole three years earlier than planned!

Toyota currently only offers one fuel-cell based model, the Mirai, next to its’ range of hybrid vehicles. Since the first Prius was released in 1997, Toyota has managed to total somewhere around a sales figure of 11.47 million electrical vehicles sold.

For that matter, the Prius is still a well-known and highly recognizable brand, as well as being one of the biggest pioneers in terms of renewable energy transportation on the mainstream market. However, it has been a long journey for the Japanese firm; the first year held sales number of less than 500 models. However, that seems very distant, both in terms of time, as well as when compared to the alternative energy behemoth that Toyota has developed into.

This growth is intricately tied to Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050 – the company plans to help reduce global emissions by lowering new-vehicle CO2 emissions by 90% by the year 2050. The plan also foresees to sell around 1000 fuel cell vehicles per month in Japan alone, as well as moving into public transportation and taking over Tokyo’s public transportation supply needs – starting with the Olympic games in 2020, where Toyota will provide 100 fuel cell buses prior to the games. There are also short-term goals, such as a plan to reduce average CO2 emissions for new vehicles by 22% for 2020.

We hope they can succeed in helping to reduce humanity’s vehicle carbon footprint, and are looking forward to more innovation and trailblazing by the inventors of the Prius.



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