Volvo to deliver 12 hybrid bendy buses to Poland


Volvo has received an order for 12 articulated hybrid buses to the Municipal Transport Company (MPK) in Cracow. In total, the Sweded have now sold more than 50 hybrid buses in Poland. The vehicles are produced in the Volvo’s factory in Wroclaw.

MPK in Cracow has awarded Volvo the contract for twelve Volvo 7900 articulated hybrid buses. The vehicles will be delivered to Cracow in the second half of 2018. Volvo will make them locally in Volvo Buses’ factory in Wroclaw, where hybrid buses are in serial production since 2010.

Volvo hybrid buses already run in the cities of Wroclaw, Inowrocław, Tarnowskie Góry and Warsaw. The largest order to Poland for Volvo’s electrified buses so far is a fleet of 35 hybrids, whereof 10 articulated buses, to the city of Sosnowiec, according to a press release.

Poland has been making advances in electrifying its electric transport. The country wants to procure 1,000 all-electric buses by 2020 (we reported). Warsaw alone has ordered 130 all-electric buses reportedly.



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