130 electric buses for Warsaw funded with €41m through EU


Poland’s capital has convinced the European Union to co-finance the acquisition of 130 electric buses worth a total of 95m euros. 41m of the order will come through the EU’s cohesion fond.

The electric buses shall go into operation in Warsaw by 2021 and the city turned to local provider Solaris to deliver a bendy bus for testing (we reported).

Still, a formal tender will be issued by transport provider MZA for an order that is worth an estimated 95 million euros. The tender will be calling for the total of 130 vehicles to be delivered in batches of 60 and 70 units due by 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The 41m in EU funding will help fund both the electric buses as well as the respective charging infrastructure.

thenews.pl, europa.eu


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