Poland to procure 1,000 electric buses until 2020


Warsaw’s recent announcement to acquire 130 articulated electric buses seems to be just the beginning when it comes to electrify the public transport in Poland: Transport minister Jerzy Kwieciński now set the target of bringing 1,000 electric buses on Poland’s roads until 2020.

The country’s minister for investment and development said that electric mobility is a strategic sector the government is currently focussing on. With local provider Solaris, the country can count on one of the biggest European bus manufacturers.

And the company’s order books are full: Almost weekly we announce new deals closed between Solaris and transport providers across Europe. Lately, the company received e.g. an order to deliver 41 trolley buses to Lithuania’s capital. Another 25 electric buses will go to Brussels.

But back to Poland: Warsaw convinced the European Union recently to co-finance the acquisition of 130 electric buses worth a total of 95m euros, as reported. The fleet shall go into operation by 2021 and the city turned to Solaris to deliver a bendy bus for testing (we reported). Still, a formal tender must be issued by transport provider MZA for an order that is worth an estimated 95 million euros.


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about „Poland to procure 1,000 electric buses until 2020“
Donna Wyss
03.02.2019 um 12:37
I am trying to locate a buyer of A123 battery modules. I have an inventory of 352 units. They were Mfg for use in the Solaris Bus.

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