Electric ferries by Norway’s Fjord1 powered by PBES batteries


Plan B Energy Storage, that is PBES is the power behind Norway’s two latest ferries that serve on routes for operator Fjord1. PBES says it installed a 1MWh battery system on each of the vessels that were designed by Norway-based Multi Maritime.

Norway got tow new all-electric ferries. The Gloppefjord and Eidsfjord serve on the 2 km crossing between the Anda and Lote docks. They were built by Tersan Shipyard in Turkey and designed by Norway-based company Multi Maritime, while PBES delivered the batteries.

Two 1MWh battery systems have been successfully installed. Grant Brown, Vice President Marketing at PBES describe the crossing as a literal milestone as the “Anda-Lote is a vital link for Western Norway.”

The zero-emissions ferries measure 106 metres each and can carry 120 automobiles and 349 passengers on the 8-minute crossing.

In 2017 PBES installed more than 15MWh of energy storage to marine markets around the world, according to a company statement.

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