Feb 14, 2018 - 05:10 pm

Torrot launches electric trail bike Movak


Torrot is working on an all-electric motorbike. The Movak performs at 5 kW with a battery that lasts for 120 km riding both on the trail and on the road. The firm is accepting pre-orders for a deposit of 600 euros, less than a tenth of the estimated price of 7,900 euros.

Spanish Torrot got a long history with ups and downs but has been making advances in the electric terrain since 2011. It supplied electric scooters to Emmy for example and the new Movak is taking city driving out of the urban sprawl.

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The Torrot Movak delivers 5 kW for up to two hours and the company claims a recharge to take no longer than an hour. Described as an “electric urban trail bike” the Movak can be reserved for 600 euros online. On sale price is expected to be at 7,900 euros but nothing has been said about the actual delivery date.
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