Feb 17, 2018 - 09:19 am

Tesla prioritises recurring clients as Model 3 roll out is slow


The first Model 3 reportedly went to Tesla employees and existing customers were next in line shortly after launch. New reports suggest though, that this system of prioritisation still applies even to new orders. Meanwhile Bloomberg tracks Model 3 deliveries online.

Tesla generally prefers prior customers in terms of waiting periods for the Model 3. However, information has surfaced, that his apparently also applies to new orders, and drivers who have previously purchased a Tesla, can receive a new Tesla 3 in about four weeks, even if they were to order now.

Amid recurring announcements of delays in Tesla production, it has become clear that wait times won’t shorten for tose wanting a Tesla Model 3. However, some may not wait as long as others as Tesla continues to segregate the hopefuls by seniority, meaning those already driving a Tesla have it easier to get another one.

Much easier it appears, with reports saying that even those that only now place their order could receive their car within a month. New customers however who have made their bid for a Model 3 up to two years ago are still waiting, even for their configuration invitation.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg has launched a ‘Model 3 Tracker’ online, which estimates the current production rate of the economy Tesla. The tracker uses data from the VINs registered through NHTSA as well as social media reports of deliveries and statements from Tesla owners. Accroding to the tracker, just 7,525 Model 3 have been made to date with the weekly production output currently standing at 1,025 units.

The whole business remains guesswork however. Recent reports on VIN for example, had counted 11,000 already (we reported).

elektrek.co, bloomberg.com (Model 3 tracker)


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