Electric scooter sharing Go-Green to launch in Geneva


It will be the Alpine Republic’s first fleet of electric scooters to share once Go Green got its offer going this April in Geneva. 50 electric scooters from German Kumpan electric will mark the start of the planned expansion across Switzerland and Europe.

Swiss startup Go Green has examples to follow as cities like Paris, Madrid and Berlin have become electric scooter sharing hot spots with often more than one operator trying to woo consumers. For Switzerland, Go Green wants to start in Geneva where they seek to introduce a 50 strong fleet this April.

The Kumpan electric scooters type 1954RI will be booked and located via app as Go Green wants to allow free floating with employees having to exchange the batteries regularly. Payment too is done through the smartphone. The electric scooters go no faster than 45 kph and two helmets will be stored inside each.

Should the Swiss people take Go Green up on the offer, the fleet may be expanded. Swiss cities would be the startups first call and they say they have entered into planning stage with some towns already. Cities in Europe are not excluded either.



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