Coup in Spain – Bosch electric scooters to hit Madrid


Bosch’s electric scooter sharing Coup is coming to Spain this summer, when Madrid will witness the launch of the Gogoro scooters. For Bosch it is the third European capital where the firm deploys the electric two-wheelers and the fleet is to grow to 3,500 LEVs this year.

Following the introduction of Coup in first Berlin and Paris, the Spanish capital is next on the list for the expansion of electric transport á la Bosch. The firm wants to grow the overall fleet to 3,500 eScooters this year. Paris saw an initial fleet of 600 electric scooters last August, while the fleet in Berlin has grown to a 1,000 light electric vehicles for rent to date (we reported).

Over in Spain, Madrid has turned into a hot test bed for shared electric mobility since the city declared its centre a ‘Hyper Centre,’  a zero emission zone to take effect from June 2018, when no ICE will be allowed to cross the line. Madrid has also discussed a plan to ban diesel vehicles from the entire city from 2025 recently and carmakers rush to populate the city with electric cars since (we reported).

Thus Coup will come right in time when it launches this summer. The service in Berlin will resume from March, if the weather allows. In Paris, the electric scooters are available to rent all year round. (PI as pdf)


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