Volkswagen delivers 50 e-Golf for e-Drive Hamburg project


In Hamburg, 50 entrepreneurs and public service employees have taken delivery of their e-Golf. Over the next three years, they are expected to drive around 1.5 million km as part of a partnership between Volkswagen and the City of Hamburg.

The initiative is dubbed e-Drive Hamburg and sees businesses and officials demonstrate sustainable urban mobility. The scheme follows the success of e-Drive Hamburg 2017, where Renault had offered 450 electric vehicles at attractive leasing rates (we reported). Now it is Volkswagen’s turn. The 50 e-Golf were handed over as part of the partnership between VW and the City of Hamburg. The programme is supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

Business partners include the likes of Unilever, the regional public broadcaster (NDR). Hamburg’s airport, the Hamburg Port Authority, Hermes, and other entities and municipal employees. Among the testers are also 12 private persons.

The hanseatic town is planning various climate actions, some with Volkswagen. By the end of the year for example, MOIA, VW’s ride-sharing shuttle, started a partnership with the Hamburger Hochbahn AG. Part of the project is an app-based on-demand electric shuttle service that allows people heading in the same direction to connect.


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