Spacious Sino-Italian EV concept Sybilla headed for Geneva


Italian studio GFG Style has designed a concept EV for Chinese utility Envision Energy. Sybilla can move autonomously with two electric motors gracing each axle. The sedan has a low-slung outline and will make its debut in Geneva.

GFG Style (for Giorgetto Fabrizio Giugiaro) is the new outlet for Giorgio Giugiaro, a designer who worked for Audi and also drafted the Testudo for Chevrolet back in the sixties. Sybilla is reminiscent of such cars and has a distinct “Back to the Future” vibe to it.

Its electric innards leave space for comfort and despite its low-laying look it sits four, with the 80 year-old Giugiaro claiming he had focused on ergonomics and ease of use for the concept. It got wing doors and two backseats that can recline.

From the client side, Envision Energy is looking towards smart applications. The four motor set-up utilises Envision’s energy management technology. It can connect to smart homes or entire cities using real-time computing and data analysis. The 75 kWh battery is ready to give back to the grid at peak times (V2G).

While Sybilla is on her way to Geneva, the EV is a concept with no production future as of now.,


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