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Zero Motorcycles touring bike for Europe exclusively


Zero Motorcycles launches its DSR Black Forest Edition designed exclusively for European consumers. The electric touring bike features Zero’s optional “Charge Tank” and a cruising range of up to 260 km.

The new model has been designed with touring riders in mind that require long range and extra luggage. The electric only motorcycle maker is aiming for the European market and those seeking what Zero calls a “dual adventure” of longer range and faster charging.

The latter is helped by Zero Motorcycles Charge Tank. Offered as an option for the Black Forest Edition, it enables faster charging at up to 150 km of range for every our plugged in, according to Zero. On a single charge riders can drive for about 260 kilometres at city speeds and 125 km when on the highway.

The DSR Black Forest Edition delivers 146 Nm of torque. No clutch or shifting is required with Zero’s direct drive Z-Force powertrain. In addition, performance can be customised using Zero’s mobile app.

Zero has used what appears the same set up in its 11 kW DS motor bike that was launched this January. Also the styling is similar although the touring bikes includes a set of integrated luggage.

The Black Forest Edition will become available in Europe this April in small numbers. Pricing has yet to be released. However, taking the DSR as a base that comes in at 12,190 pounds (after subsidies of 1,500 pounds) in the UK, the Black Forest Edition is likely to range around 15,000 pounds or more.,


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  1. Marius

    A motorbike only gets long range capabilities when you have places to plug it in. Most of Europe is already equipped with 11 or 22 kW/h AC stations with Mennekes Type 2 connectors. Even Tesla has put these on their European versions. It also works best with European current infrastructure wich is based on equal loads on 3 fases. All EV’s in Europe have to be equipped with a Type 2 Mennekes 3 phase AC charging possibility.

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