Audi, Italdesign and Airbus show autonomous EV aircraft


Audi, Italdesign and Airbus have introduced Pop.Up Next, an all-electric, fully automatic concept for horizontal and vertical mobility. Basically, the concept features a two-seater cabin that can be attached to either a car or a flight module.

According to Audi, the ultra-light vehicle designed for urban areas could solve traffic problems “in the distant future.” Dr Bernd Martens, Audi Board Member for Procurement and President of Italdesign comments: “Creativity is needed where new mobility concepts for cities and people’s diverse needs are concerned. Pop.Up Next is an ambitious vision that could permanently change our urban life in the future.”

  • audi-italdesign-airbus-popup-next-vtol-flying-car-flugauto-genf-2018-06
  • audi-italdesign-airbus-popup-next-vtol-flying-car-flugauto-genf-2018-05
  • audi-italdesign-airbus-popup-next-vtol-flying-car-flugauto-genf-2018-01
  • audi-italdesign-airbus-popup-next-vtol-flying-car-flugauto-genf-2018-02
  • audi-italdesign-airbus-popup-next-vtol-flying-car-flugauto-genf-2018-03
  • audi-italdesign-airbus-popup-next-vtol-flying-car-flugauto-genf-2018-04

The concept is currently attracting attention at the Geneva Motor Show. It is based on a predecessor prototype called Pop.Up that has been presented there exactly one year ago.


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