Scotland to phase out ICEs in favour of plug-in cars


Scotland’s national transport agency publishes specifications regarding the country’s plan to phase out the need for combustion-powered cars by 2032. In September it was Nicola Sturgeon, head of the Scottish government, who announced this ambition.

This means Transport Scotland is in favour of electric and plug-in hybrid cars, however, no sales ban has been issued. Still, the ambition is a little earlier than its neighbouring England. Not just in terms of implementation date (8 years earlier) but also in terms of classification: While Scotland wants to incentivise plug-in vehicles in the future, England will accept also HEVs but exclude mild hybrids.

In order to prepare the shift towards zero-emission vehicles, Transport Scotland intends to implement a lot of measures, e.g. electrifying the highway A9 and to improve the visibility of charge points.


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