Uber Green launches with Renault Zoe in Bucharest


Ride hailing app provider Uber has launched its EV-only suite in Romania’s capital. 20 Renault Zoe have become available to book in cooperation with charging infrastructure firm ElDrive. The service is available in selected European capitals.

Bucharest is the latest city to join Amsterdam, Paris, London and Lisbon. There, Uber customers can opt to be picked up in an electric car in certain areas.

In Romania, the service will have 20 Renault Zoe, which are provided in partnership with Eldrive. Nicoleta Schroeder, general manager Uber Romania says “The purpose of the pilot is to democratise access to transport. We want to have partnerships with actors in energy field, authorities to develop the infrastructure in Bucharest. Romania continues to be an important market for us, as it is the second largest in the CEE and fifth in the EU, despite being one of the last countries to see the launch of Uber.”

Uber is looking to launch Uber Green in Munich next. The ride hail service had been struggling against established taxi companies in many cities and had been forced to give up operations or else start to comply with existing regulations.

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