Mar 14, 2018 - 06:25 pm

Techrules to take its turbine REx to the rails

Techrules has uncovered new uses for the turbine range extender it first applied to a hybrid hypercar. New cooperations with Chinese companies will see the TREV technology be used in transit trains, buses as well as electric vans.

From hyper cars to trains is an unusual progression and one Techrules is preparing to take. The Chinese R&D firm agreed with CRRC Times Electric (TEC), a subsidiary of CRRC, a large supplier of rail transit equipment to apply their turbine range extender to trains.

The agreement will see Techrules’ Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) technology developed further for use in TEC’s Autonomous rail Rapid Transit (ART) transport system.

Techrules had first showcased its technology in its REN electric super car at the Salon in Geneva in 2017. The Ren has a six e-motor set-up and three battery options (14kWh, 25kWh, and 32kWh) as well as two different turbines.

The new cooperation with TEC for trains is just one of maybe many to come. Matthew Jin, CTO of Techrules, says they “are working hard to establish key partnerships with several global companies that will enable us to develop new products and low emission commercial applications for our advanced propulsion system, including a variety of low emissions mobility solutions and light commercial vehicles.”

Another partnership with Wuzhoulong Motors will see electric buses powered by the TREV system and fueled by natural gas.

Additionally, another agreement is with Shenzhen BAK Technology is in the final stages. The companies plan to jointly develop delivery vehicles powered by Techrules’ TREV system and BAK’s batteries.,


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