Munich buys 40 new electric buses


The Bavarian capital has announced plans that the city is purchasing 40 electric buses for the Munich transport authority (MVG) to use in public transport. The first step will see 8 buses to create the first all-electric public transport line in the city.

The four solo and four articulated buses will be driving the city’s first fully electric line starting in 2019. The buses will be expected to have a range of 280 km, as well as a heat pump. This would enable the buses to drive safely in even the most severe conditions.

The order reads for four varieties of buses with different technical specifications, as well as options for a total of 32 electric buses. The city plans to eventually electrify their entire fleet, however will have to develop and install appropriate charging infrastructure.

A spokesperson for the city claimed that the direction for bus manufacturers was clearly heading towards electric solutions, as shown by the impending serial production of electric buses, starting next year. 40 electric buses were a “good start” for Munich. (In German)


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