VW to produce I.D. family models in Dresden


The VW factory in Dresden will be home to not only the e-Golf in future, but will also be producing EVs from the I.D class too. Dresden is to be used as a showcase for electric mobility in the region. 

At the annual press conference in Wolfsburg, Thomas Ulbrich, the head of the recently set up electric mobility unit, said that VW was planning to use Dresden as the showcase for electric mobility, and that the vehicles produced in Zwickau needed to be assembled in the region too.

The Zwickau location is currently being expanded with a billion dollar investment for a European expertise centre. As of the end of next year, the factory is planning to produce up to 1,500 EVs per day for multiple brands under the corporate umbrella, providing “the vehicles of the first wave for the European market”, according to Ulbrich.

Dresden began producing the e-Golf in the gläserne Manufaktur (the glass factory) ten months ago. They are currently still working on previous pre-orders, which is expected to take some time. This delivery issue is not unique to VW, as currently waiting times of several months after ordering an EV seem to be the norm, rather than the exception. At the Geneva Motor Show last week, VW announced they had entered the second phase of the expansion of production capacities in the glass factory.

Other reports have indicated that the first prototypes of the VW I.D. for the final phase of development will be built in April. The I.D. is scheduled to go into serial production in November 2019.

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about „VW to produce I.D. family models in Dresden“
Matthias Schmidt
16.03.2018 um 09:10
I'm pretty sure you are one year optimistic regarding serial production of I.D., not November this year but next year (2019).
Nora Manthey
18.03.2018 um 13:29
Thank you. We have corrected the mix up, probably a case of wishful thinking.

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