Mar 18, 2018 - 04:02 pm

Electric scooter sharing to free float in Zurich


200 electric scooters are to arrive in Switzerland to form a new rental fleet in Zurich. Built by Etrix and managed by Mobility, the two-wheelers will free float and can be booked without reservation and every minute counts.

The electric scooters can be spotted easily in their all-red design. The national touch continues as they are made by Swiss Etrix AG which specialises in electric two-wheelers. The fleet will be available all around town as they follow the free floating principle.

Users may pick them up and leave them where they stand, given it is on a designated scooter parking lot that Zurich introduced. Operator Mobility requires no reservations and the pay-as-you-go system counts per minute. One minute costs 0,25 CHFm, that is about 20 euro cents.

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The Etrix S02i electric scooter has a range of up to 150 kilometres and a top speed of 45 kph. To rent, you need an A1 driver’s license and Mobility offers 30 francs to those taking scooter lessons. Each scooter has two helmets on board. (PI), (PI)


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